Proof of Self

Proof That A Developed Self Has Power

As mentioned, I believe that a fully developed Self is the most powerful part of a human being. What do I mean by ‘powerful’? Well, we all know someone, or we are someone, who thinks that, “I touch most of the people I meet.” But then we run into a situation where someone we want to touch does not want to respond in the way we know would be beneficial for them. We are frustrated. We wonder what we could have done, what we could have said instead of the way we approached the situation or person. Why, we wonder, had we not touched them in a way that would have helped them create the result we had hoped would materialize.

Knowing what is best for someone else and insisting on being right comes from the mind. When we think we know ‘this thing’ that is right for someone else we come from a place of knowing, which is different from coming from a place of loving. When we love someone we do not get frustrated when they do not do what we know they need to do. We feel sad! By communicating our sadness, which comes from our heart/self, rather than our frustration, which comes from our mind, we can touch their heart. In this analogy, the way I use ‘heart’ and ‘self’, they are synonymous. Touching ones heart/self is what is effective. It connects someone with the truth that they deserve to love themselves and it is only from that place that someone can do something beneficial for themselves. That is what I mean by ‘touching’ another.

Touching someone means that their self has felt your love, your caring, fully, to the point that they realize that to not act is to not love themselves. It inspires them to action, to look inward, to develop more awareness, or to do something that will benefit many. The more developed one’s self is, the more lives it touches, inspires, helps, heals, nurtures, teaches.

This is true because a developed self, realizes everyone has a self that is identical to theirs and is connected to them, connected to the whole. All selves need loving and to feel connected to other selves. This is exactly like the theory of gravity – you can count on it anytime, anywhere. The developed self knows this and cares about all other selves. It no longer sees others in terms of color, religion, race, gender, nationality, social position, etc., but as other selves all with similar needs to love and be loved.

I was looking for logical proofs that life span is in fact a 3 stage developmental process. That each stages develops a higher potential of a human being. I believed that it was important to prove that each stage, including that of a developed Self, gives us greater control and greater power over our life and over our environment. I believe that greater control and greater power develop as we move from using the body’s full potential, to using the mind’s full potential and then the process is completed by developing the Self’s full potential. I theorized that the potential of each stage of development was exponentially greater in power and effectiveness then the stage before. And I wanted to prove it.

In looking at using the developed mind’s potential vs. using the developed body’s potential, we can immediately see that the mind’s development gives us greater control and power over our life and environment. I wanted to show that the same greater control and power occur when using a developed Self vs. using only the body or the mind.

For years the example I liked to use when comparing only body and mind was that of 20 of the strongest men in the world who were against a small, physically weak person, who has a machine gun. A machine gun is a mental construct. It shows what the mind is capable of creating. We know that even though it’s 20 men against one, it is still no contest. The little man with the machine gun can destroy all 20 stronger men, plus some.

Think about all the things we can do with our body besides fight, our age old survival mechanism. We can walk, run, lift, climb, swim, see, hear, speak, assemble objects, etc. Now think about all the tools the mind has invented to assist the body with doing these tasks. Cars, trains, boats, cranes, telephones, television, machines that assemble with pin point accuracy, not to mention flying machines. These accomplish feats which the body could never accomplish alone. With the invention of the Internet, the mind has come very close to replicating itself. There are billions of cells in the mind that are interconnected and in communication with each other through neuronal wiring. By theoretically allowing every human being to be in contact with every other human being on the face of the Earth instantaneously, we seemingly have duplicated the mind – created a Global mind.

It is easy to see that the mind has potentialized the human being’s control and power over life and its environment, exponentially. Now my question was how can I prove that developing the self’s full potential can, one more time, take us, exponentially, to an even higher level of power and control over our life and environment???

As you ponder this question, and perhaps don’t come up with the answer just yet, I want you to know that it took me over 15 years to answer this question. Yes, you read it correctly – 15 years. I knew that if I didn’t answer this question I would doubt the strength of my theory of life span and my theory of self. If I did come up with the answer, I would have, with absolutely no doubt, the theory of Self’s validity and therefore the effectiveness of my whole theory of human development. SO, you can see a lot was riding on discovering the answer.

At first I was looking for power exactly as I had defined it in the body-mind example. Power as a display of strength, force, speed, flying, submerging, endurance, lifting, etc.. But there didn’t seem to be any examples of the self creating anything like machines, that enabled us to transcend the mind’s accomplishments the same way the mind had enabled us to transcend the body’s accomplishment.

Finally, after 15 years, that piece of the puzzle fell into place. What is the most powerful thing a human being can do? Truly. This is not a trick question. I realized that I was looking for the self to accomplish things in exactly the same way I was looking fort the body and the mind to accomplish things and thought perhaps that was the problem. Perhaps what we mean by power is entirely different when it comes to self. What I did was look for the people we considered to be the most powerful people in the world. Those we hold in highest regard. And it down on me. Their feats of power had nothing to do with physical force, multiplied hundreds of times. What I needed to do was follow that direction and when I did the answer was waiting, like a ripe juicy apple ready for the picking.

The most powerful thing one human being can possibly do is to touch another human being. Touching us inside in a way that brings out the best, most compassionate part of us. Touching us in a way that we feel fully connected to our own feelings and that of every other human being. Touching us in a way that moves us to action on behalf of humanity. Touching us in a way that our personal self diminishes and our collective self takes on paramount importance.

We know about prisoners of war who chose to die rather then submit their will to the enemy. You cannot make a person do something against his will. Yes, you can threaten people with harm and death, and most will succumb to the fear, but that is not moving another, that is creating a terrorist, at heart, who will wait for a chance to plunge a knife in your heart the first chance they get. Yes, you can bribe and manipulate them, but once discovered will lead them to loath you.

Truly moving people takes a different power, one we all respond to. One that touches us deep in our core, actually touches the Self in us, and inspires us to follow and do great things. One that makes us love not only the message but the messenger. It is power of insurmountable dimensions, yet no physical or mental force is used. Nothing is invented to do the work. Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela, Kennedy, Mother Teresa, and there are countless other examples small and large, who have done this. Nameless and faceless men and women who have touched us and led us to greatness. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest power known to man, and it resides in the Self, and its potential waits to be fully developed in each of us.

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