Dear Friends,

As you know my life has been dedicated to making a difference in the world. From founding Impact On Hunger in my 20’s, then Creative Aging, Inc. in my 30’s, The Human Development Company in my 40's and getting my Gestalt Psychotherapy certification in my 50's – my vision has always been on how human beings develop through the life span, what they need to be nurtured and developed in order to eliminate pain and bring people love and success. On a larger scale this translates to having peace and loving dominate all human interactions.

What so many of you have been encouraging me to do is now poised to become a reality. A Book. More than 15 years of philosophical research were followed by 15 years of succesful applications of my concepts and systems of delivery. I have been successfully teaching people how to grow and develop resulting in their ability to love each other, be happier, and accomplish their goals in life for. I have written the 3 main chapters of the book and one chapter on an application called ‘Loving Your Spouse’.

I am including a few questions to help you give me the feedback I need. If you want to go into more detail – bless your soul.


Was it exciting, interesting, did it grab you? Yes No Explain___________________________________________________________

Would it help you with your relationship with your spouse or lover? Yes No Explain___________________________________________________________

Would you recommend the book to a friend or family member who has relationship issues? Explain___________________________________________________________

What would you have liked to read more about? Explain___________________________________________________________

What did you like about the style? Explain___________________________________________________________

What didn’t you like? Explain___________________________________________________________

Were the case studies of the couples useful to understand the concepts and how to use them? Explain___________________________________________________________

Which similar books have you read and what did you like about them? Explain___________________________________________________________

Were the exercises in the book useful and Would you do them? Yes No Explain___________________________________________________________

Tell us how to make the book better! Explain___________________________________________________________

In order to receive the four chapters of the manuscript that are ready for review, please email Stefan I only ask that you please send me the name and e-mail address of anyone you forward it to, who you think may be interested - as this is copyrighted material. I will be submitting these chapters at the end of August - so please get your feedback to me before then.

With Gratitude,


Stefan Deutsch