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Stefan Deutsch
President of HDC
Gestalt Psychotherapist
Robert Karant, Ph.D.
Director of Education and Research, The HDC

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Thursday, September 23, 2010 - Stefan Deutsch

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Welcome to The HDC Website

Mission statement:

To impact every institution, from parenting to governing, by introducing a new world view, as encapsulated in The Continuum Theory of Human Development, a superordinate theory of lifespan, which not only posits that every human being has the innate abilities necessary to reach their optimum potential, but gives a clear road map to developing that potential. This is what Maslow and others in the field of human development have been searching for.

The Continuum Theory™ is a “nomothetic law” about human development. It focuses on universal sequences and their contexts – establishing eternal laws about human development that apply to all of the people all of the time.

Purpose of The HDC

1. To conduct research using the tenets of the Continuum Theory (CT™) - and analyze those results.

2. To create and maintain partnership with other researchers and theorists in the fields of human development, psychology and psychotherapy.

3. To give presentations at major conferences and universities, teaching the concepts and sharing research that demonstrates the effectiveness of the CT™.

4. To produce articles for both academic and main stream publications.

5. To publish a series of academic and popular books on the theory and its various applications – Parenting, Aging, Relationships, Personal Development, Marriage, Midlife crisis, Psychotherapeutic Interventions, Corporate Environment, etc.

6. To train professionals in the theory and its applications at our Institute.



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